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Waiver Home Care

KeystoneCare is a participant in the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Aging Waiver Program for home services. This program provides extensive home and community-based care to individuals as an alternative to nursing home placement. It is referred to as a waiver program because services are funded through a special Medicaid waiver. Adults who meet certain eligibility requirements for the Aging Waiver Program are administered through the local county assistance office. More information on the home services waiver program can be found here.

Under the waiver program, KeystoneCare can provide:

Home Health Services-Home Care

  • Manage chronic illnesses or post hospitalization care
  • Medication administration, monitoring and adherence
  • Physical, occupational, or speech therapy
  • Wound care

Telehealth Care-Keystone-InTouch

The monitoring of patient through secure state-of-art technology by a clinical care manager helps to keep a patient adherent to their plan of care and is shown to reduce hospitalizations.

  • Vital Signs Monitoring
  • Medication Management
  • Passive Safety Monitoring
  • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

Adult Daily Living Services-Private Duty

  • Wellness visits by a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, or home health aide
  • Homemaker services such as laundry, light housekeeping, shopping, errands
  • Medication or appointment-reminder calls or visits
  • Social worker for counseling, evaluation, or referral

Companion Home Services

  • Help with planning, scheduling and keeping appointments.
  • Encouraging and planning social activities. This can include local sightseeing trips, movies, shopping, visits to family and friends, and anything that keeps the client busy and enjoying life.
  • Exercising to keep a healthy body, mind and spirit. This can include walks in the neighborhood, swimming at the local pool, and anything that keeps them active.
  • Entertaining with hobbies, games, etc.
  • Interacting with family members to keep them abreast of their loved one’s condition.
  • Trained providers with dementia care experience.

Meal Home Delivery through KeystoneCare’s Meals on Wheels