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 KeystoneCare Meals on Wheels

 KeystoneCare Meals on Wheels is a neighborhood service that conveniently delivers fresh, nutritious meals directly to your home. Volunteers who deliver the meals also offer a friendly daily visit. Meals on Wheels regularly provides the healthy foods you want, allowing you to live independently in your own home.

Who is eligible

Whether you want the convenience of a healthy and ready-to-eat meal, or are unable to prepare nutritious meals for yourself, you can receive meals from Meals on Wheels! Meals are available both on a long-term basis and temporarily if you are recovering from surgery or illness for only $8.00 per day. There are no age or income restrictions.

 How it works

Monday-Friday, between 11:45 a.m. and  1:00 p.m. our volunteers deliver a delicious and nutritious cold lunch and a hot dinner entrée, dessert and beverages, all made fresh daily in our local kitchen.  You can specify the number of days you want meals and your dietary preferences.

What’s included in the meals

· Balanced meals with healthy portions plus fruit or dessert and a beverage

· Low-sodium and low-sugar (diabetic) options

· Friendly visits from meal delivery volunteers

Additional services

Meals on Wheels also provides nutritional counseling, in-home assessments and a daily check in for home bound  adults.

It’s a daily visit

Our friendly drivers stop by every weekday a meal is scheduled to see how our clients are doing. If they discover that someone has a problem or suspect that they need help, they phone an emergency contact immediately.

…a home assessment

A Meals on Wheels case manager works hand in hand with our Home Health division and will schedule a convenient time to discuss our program and provide information and referrals to other services they may need.

…and a nutritional counselor

A Registered Dietician is also available to discuss personal nutrition concerns. They can provide expert advice about salt intake, diabetes control, weight management and more.

How to sign-up

Interested in our services or know someone who might be? For more information, please call Chris DeVore at 215-836-2440.